Manage Your Block partners with the FPRA

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There has never been a more tumultuous time to manage a block of flats. Between the new leasehold reforms introduced this summer to the cladding regulations affecting thousands across the nation, self-managed directors have a massive amount to keep up with. On top of this, the never-ending changes to COVID restrictions mean that managing a block of flats is becoming more complex by the day.

Manage Your Block has recognised how difficult things are and decided to help. They have partnered with the Federation of Private Residents Association (FPRA) to help make things easier for directors across the UK. With a multi-purpose 2020 update, Manage Your Block will help directors with a massive range of functions:

  • Store and manage your important documents: You’ll have a secure online place for all your records, such as insurance documentation, policy wordings, health and safety reports, copy leases, financial records, fire evacuation procedures, along with other day-to-day procedural documents.
  • Co-manage your portal: Share instant access to your block’s portal with your team of directors. This is especially handy for director handovers and keeping everybody in the loop! 
  • Contacts: Keep an up-to-date contact list for all the owners and residents in your block.
  • Alerts: You can send alerts in case of a problem, for example, a power shortage, a broken lift or even crime-related incidents in the local area.
  • Contractors: Keep a list of your contractors’ details, so you’re prepared in case your block needs emergency maintenance work or repairs.
  • Diary and calendar: Set reminders for you block so that you’re always on top of your schedule, including any upcoming health and safety risk assessments, gate inspections and much more.
  • Quotes: Request quotes from your preferred contractors or use one of our recommended contractors if you’d prefer. You can also issue work orders to accept quotes and keep a record of all relevant information.

Even better? Manage Your Block is now being offered completely free of charge to all FPRA members. That means you’ll be able to benefit from the massive range of portal functions as well as the benefits of FPRA membership – at no additional cost to you.

Manage Your Block has also partnered with Block in a Box as part of a nationwide initiative to help make life easier for self-managed directors. Block in a Box is an online toolbox which puts you in touch with a network of the UK’s gold-standard companies. From insurance, contractors and accounting services to legal assistance and much more, you’ll have everything you need at the touch of a button. Visit to find out more.

Bob Smytherman, FPRA Chairman, says: “Manage Your Block is the initiative that the property industry needs. It offers a fantastic range of services which will be welcomed by all those managing blocks of flats in the UK, especially in such turbulent times as these. We’re proud to work together with Manage Your Block to offer this portal free of charge to all FPRA members and look forward to making life easier for self-managed directors.”