Are Your Documents Safe & Stored Correctly?

Myb Storing Documents Safely

Darren Bagnall of Manage Your Block looks at the importance of ensuring your documents are stored correctly.

Picture the scene: You’re the Director of an RMC and today is not a good day. The building’s been flooded which has caused water damage to multiple flats, issues with access for the whole building and no one has electricity, heating or water.

You reach for your laptop to check your insurance policy details and your laptop has bitten the dust. The laptop that not only holds this vital information at such a crucial moment, but also the details of all your residents, your go-to contractors and records of all the inspections you’ve carried out over the years along with a breakdown of the service charge demands you sent out last month along with any payments received.

A Residentsline client recently experienced just this. We received their panicked phone call and, of course, supplied them with the information they needed regarding their policy. Unfortunately there was little we could do to alleviate the other issues they were experiencing as their one and only hub of information was lost to the ether.

Don’t Put Yourself in That Position

A Manage Your Block subscription is all you need to avoid the disaster detailed above. It’s been brilliantly designed by the team of RMC Directors and property managers to provide a central hub of information for RMC’s and Resident Associations.

For only £99 per annum Manage Your Block is an incredibly affordable solution to some age-old issues.

What Can MYB Be Used For?

Manage Your Block is a central hub for storing all relevant information about your block including:

  • Contact details for all residents
  • Alerting residents
  • Maintenance details and history
  • Health & Safety Inspections and reports
  • Insurance policies
  • Insurance claims history
  • Lease documents
  • Preferred contractor information
  • Obtaining quotes from preferred contractors
  • Service charge demands

It can also be used to contact residents, for residents to contact you and to invoice for service charges (the service charge function carries an additional charge of £49 per annum).

The system is cloud-based, meaning all the information and functionality can be used by anyone with a login, no matter where they are.

What Problems Does MYB Solve?

Essentially, Manage Your Block solves the issues of:

a) Where to store information safely

b) How to contact residents quickly and easily plus keeping an audit trail

c) How to ensure that essential documents and records are always accessible

d) How to hand over the management of the building to a new Director when the time comes

Many Directors collate so much information during their time at the helm that it can be difficult to remember everything they need to hand over, or to know where to look for certain documents or contact details.

While some are very organised and hand over successfully, others are not so thorough…Manage Your Block makes the whole process simpler, easier and provides less room for error.

You can send Residents alerts if there is a problem that they need to be aware of. You can store, view and update a contact list for all of your residents. You can record all of your suppliers’ details so they are there for the next person who takes over. Ultimately, you are collating a history; you never know when you will need the information.

I am sure we can all think of many situations where we’ve been forced to rifle through masses of paperwork or files on a computer to find what we’re looking for. Much easier to keep it in one place and, when you chose to move on, simply pass the login details to the next person.

Here is a simple explainer video to show you how you can utilise Manage Your Block for storing documents and managing your procedures. To find out more, head to our website, call us or send a message to today.

Manage Your Block aren’t here to tell you how to run your block of flats, but we can provide you with highly specialised software to make the management of your block much easier. Call us for more details on 0333 577 9070 or email