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What Can I Use Manage Your Block for?

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Interested in getting a helping hand? Here’s a breakdown of everything the Manage Your Block Portal can do for you:

Save – Provide a trustworthy online space to store and manage your insurance documentation. Whatever you choose to upload – policy wordings, health and safety reports or any other notices – you will have instant access no matter where you are. Finding documents will be stress free.

Share – Provide login access to other directors to share your workload.

Contacts – You can store, view and update the contact list for all the owners and residents in your block. This is especially useful if there is ever an issue which needs urgent attention, as all the contact information you may need is only a click away, whatever the time of day.

Alerts – You can send alerts in case of a problem. For example, a power shortage, a broken lift or even crime-related incidents in the local area. Not only does this make it simpler for you, it makes communication a lot quicker and easier.

Contractors – Store a list of contractors’ details such as plumbers and electricians, so you’re prepared in case of emergency repairs.

Diary –  See diary reminders to ensure you don’t forget anything, including health and safety risk assessments, gate inspections and much more.

Calendar – Check your calendar to see what is coming up soon.

Documents – Hold all your blocks documentation. This may include copy leases, financial records, fire evacuation procedures, along with other day-to-day procedural documents.

Quotes – Request quotes, from you preferred contractors or use one of our recommended contractors if you prefer.  Issue work orders to accept quotes and hold all this information safely.

Notes – hold any notes you need for audit or general purposes


Manage Your Block Portal                             £99.00 per annum

For more information regarding the functions in the standard Manage Your Block product – read more here.

Manage Your Block PLUS Portal                 £148.00 per annum

Manage Your Block PLUS Portal provides an extension to include collection of service charges – read more here.

Service Charge Collections             £49.00 per annum

For those user who already have Manage Your Block.

For a no-obligation demonstration of Manage Your Block portal, contact us on 0333 577 9070 or email us at