Upgrade to Manage Your Block PLUS

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Collect your service charges with Manage Your Block PLUS

As an added extra to Manage Your Block, you can also prepare, process and print out service charge demands for your residents with Manage Your Block PLUS.

Manage Your Block Portal PLUS has helped many of our clients handle their service charge demands far more efficiently.

All demands include the required Summary of Tenants’ Rights and Obligations and will be saved securely on Manage Your Block Portal.


Manage Your Block Portal                             £99.00 per annum

For more information regarding the functions in the Standard Manage Your Block product – read more here.

Manage Your Block PLUS Portal                 £148.00 per annum

Manage Your Block PLUS Portal includes an extension to include collection of service charges – read more here.

Service Charge Collections

If you already have the standard version of Manage Your Block and would like to upgrade to include Service Charge Collections the additional price is £49.00 to include this to your subscription.

For a no-obligation demonstration of the Manage Your Block portal, contact us on 0333 577 9070 or email us at

Telephone: 0333 577 9070