Health and Safety Management in Your Block of Flats

Bernard Hermant Gadcaezhwg Unsplash

One of the biggest challenges facing a newly formed apartment block management company is making adequate provision for health and safety measures.  It is important not only to ensure that the current arrangements for areas within the purview of the company are checked and documented, but also that plans are made to protect the wellbeing of all residents and visitors to the premises going forward.

Directors of Residents’ Management Companies come from all different backgrounds, and some may lack experience taking responsibility for the health and safety of large number of leaseholders.  Obviously, we all want to take good care of the welfare of those close to us, but when there are many issues to address, it can be hard to stay focused.  If you have never dealt with health and safety management, block of flats inspections and activities might fail to carry the same significance.  On the other hand, some directors find the responsibility which goes along with fulfilling such a role overwhelming.

At Manage Your Block, we appreciate that this vital area could become lost in among all the other paperwork which a director is required to consider.  We are therefore very careful to afford you the tools to prioritise this critical matter.  When you can be confident that the system you are using will give precedence to important issues like health and safety, block of flats administration can become the positive and fulfilling experience you hoped it would be.

Preparation is key when you undertake to safeguard the wellbeing of those in your building.  The Manage Your Block system can prompt you to make necessary arrangements, such as performing risk assessments which are the recognised way to identify and pre-empt risks to resident’s safety.  An annual block of flats health and safety inspection will allow you to keep an eye on how the company is doing with addressing such hazards.  The results of these assessments are then filed away as evidence that the job was correctly.  Health and safety apartment checks are another part of the process of safeguarding your building.  While residents have a right to privacy, they must also realise that the condition of the fixtures within their flats will have an impact on the others who live in the property, and on the fabric of the property itself.

Of course, the critical nature of safety practices means that government bodies charged with protecting the safety of the public will take a close interest in such activities.  An awareness of the regulations surrounding freehold and leasehold apartments health and safety can act as an added incentive to ensure that all your records are up to date, and that any identified risks have been addressed.  The Manage Your Block tool makes it easy to keep accurate records, schedule checks and inspections, and to arrange for action to be taken when it is deemed necessary.

All of us want to look after the welfare of those within our community, especially those to whom we have a special duty of care.  You can use Manage Your Block to manage health and safety matters, for the benefit of all.