A Guide to Maintaining Outdoor Spaces in Blocks of Flats and Apartments

Maintaining Outdoor Spaces

Darren Bagnall, from Manage Your Block, looks at the importance of outdoor spaces, from planning through to annual maintenance.

Living in a block of flats or apartments often means shared spaces and communal areas. One aspect that is commonly overlooked but plays a significant role in enhancing the overall living experience is the outdoor space. Whether it’s a small courtyard, garden, or terrace, appropriate maintenance can transform these areas into wonderful spaces for residents.

In this guide, we aim to explore the importance of outdoor space, planning annual maintenance, and making the most of these communal areas.

The Importance of Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces in blocks of flats and apartments offer residents a valuable extension of their homes. These areas provide a space for relaxation, socialising, and enjoying nature which all contribute to an improved quality of life.

Well-kept outdoor areas also contribute to the aesthetic of the property, leaving a positive initial impression on both residents and visitors alike.

Planning Annual Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial to keeping outdoor spaces in excellent condition. Here’s a step-by-step guide to planning annual maintenance for your block’s outdoor areas:

  • Assessment and Planning

It’s important to assess the current state of the outdoor space. By doing this, you can identify areas that require attention, such as damaged furniture, overgrown plants or uneven surfaces. When completing this step, it might be useful to collaborate with residents to gather input on their needs and preferences for the outdoor space.

  • Budgeting

You should also create a comprehensive budget that includes expenses for regular maintenance, repairs and potential upgrades. Additionally, it is advisable to consider allocating funds for professional landscaping services that you might use throughout the year. This ensures a well maintained and appealing outdoor environment.

  • Scheduling

It’s a good idea to schedule routine tasks such as lawn mowing, pruning, and cleaning, as well as more extensive activities such as repainting or repairing structures. Additionally, maintenance jobs should be planned by taking into account weather conditions and different seasons. Winter maintenance will always be different to summer maintenance. For example, in colder months you might need to schedule car parks to be cleared of snow and fallen leaves.

On top of the never-ending list property management tasks, keeping track of maintenance plans for the whole year can be stressful. Manage Your Block not only helps you to keep your documents in one place, but you can also make note of upcoming maintenance tasks or major works with our calendar feature. In addition, you can send out notifications to residents to ensure that they are aware of any scheduled maintenance.

  • Professional Services

Engaging with qualified professionals is often needed when Managing Your Block. You might need them for tasks such as tree removal, pest control, or structural repairs. Key contractors for your block can be recorded on the Manage Your Block portal (FREE for Residentsline customers).

We understand that finding reliable services to assist you with the general maintenance for your block can be difficult. Visit the Flat Living Directory to find block management services in your area or click here to read more from Block in a Box on how to find a contractor for your block.

Making the Most of Outside Space

Once the maintenance is underway, it’s essential to maximise the potential of outdoor spaces for the benefit of all residents. Consider the following tips:

  • Community Engagement

Foster a sense of community by encouraging residents to actively participate in communal activities. This might be through organising outdoor events, gardening clubs or by motivating the community to work together on maintenance projects to enhance outdoor space.

  • Furniture and Amenities

If you have a lot of outdoor space, it might be nice to spruce it up with some outdoor furniture. But you might want to bear in mind to invest in pieces that can withstand various weather conditions. To encourage community engagement, you could always incorporate amenities such as barbecue areas, seating arrangements, and play spaces to cater to different resident preferences.

  • Greenery and Landscaping

In addition to outdoor furniture and amenities, integrating a variety of plants and greenery into outdoor spaces can also create a vibrant and inviting area. However, if you do choose to buy a bunch of plants for your outdoor area, it is wise to make sure that maintenance of these additions can be supported by residents or alternative maintenance services.

  • Well-Lit Spaces

Installing adequate lighting can increase the usage of outdoor spaces whilst also making the space feel safer which is vital to creating an inviting environment for all residents.

While on the topic of well-lit spaces, it might be useful to consider energy-efficient lighting options to support financial costs throughout the year. Read more on your obligations to provide communal lighting with JB Leitch here.


Maintaining outdoor spaces in blocks of flats and apartments is a collective responsibility that contributes to the overall well-being of residents. By planning annual maintenance, engaging the community, and making strategic enhancements, these shared areas can become vibrant hubs of social activity and relaxation, adding significant value to the living experience. Regular attention to outdoor spaces ensures that residents can truly make the most of the environment they call home.

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